Open Hearts. Open Church.

The North/West Lower Michigan Synod Task Force on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Open Hearts. Open Church. wants to be your resource for helping you with topics of sexual orientation and gender identity. We encourage you to contact us if you want to talk to someone or be directed to resources to help you in your Faith journey. We only assist where and when asked to participate.


  • Provide workshops and discussion sessions at Synod sponsored events. (e.g. Walking Together, Synod Assembly)
  • Provide guidance to Synod leadership as requested


  • Lead or participate in discussions in your congregation as invited
  • Provide resources to pastors and other congregational leaders to assist your church
  • Guide you through the Reconciling in Christ program
  • Participate in Pride events with your congregation


  • Provide resources to help you on your faith journey
  • Provide resources to help with coming out
  • Have private confidential conversations as needed about coming out
  • Give guidance and support to family members of people who have come out
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